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An Unforgettable Weekend

This past weekend, I finally had the chance to do something I’ve been wanting for the past 3 years-attend Woodworking in America, the annual conference put on by Popular Woodworking. Held just outside Cincinnati in Covington, KY, this has been

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A Little Tool Aquisition

So, a few weeks ago, an local organization called PATINA (great acronym, right?) held their annual Spring tool sale and auction. This is my first time going to this event, or any event like this for that matter. Seeing as

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Oh, How I Wish

As many of you know, Woodworking in America is being held this weekend in Covington, KY. Only a year ago, I was barely aware of this event, and now it has reached a status in only a few short years

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For some reason, today I was inspired. I have no idea why, it just happened. I caught the woodworking bug big-time about 18 months ago, and have ended following many, many other woodworkers through podcasts, blogs and Twitter. They have been

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  • "I'm still waiting for that fucking shower, let's just put it that way."-Neal E. 2017 1 year ago
  • “This country makes my asshole pucker.” -Neal E. 2017 1 year ago
  • "It's like Christmas shopping for someone you don't know for what they're going to like one year from now." -on trend shopping, 2016 1 year ago
  • "It was like Mother Teresa. It was on display for like 10 years until she degraded." Neal E. '16, on the novelty pastry attraction "Nun Bun" 1 year ago
  • “My biscuits are burnin’ ” -Neal E. 2016 1 year ago
  • "We hired him. He was decoration." Neal E. 2016, in reference to the presence of a paid performer at a holiday office party 1 year ago
  • "That movie turned me gay." -Neal E. 2016, in reference to the 1987 sci-fi film Predator 1 year ago

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