A Little Tool Aquisition

So, a few weeks ago, an local organization called PATINA (great acronym, right?) held their annual Spring tool sale and auction. This is my first time going to this event, or any event like this for that matter. Seeing as it also happened to be on the way to my folks house in PA made it an easy call. When my daughter and I got there about an hour into the sale, it was already pretty crowded, but seeing as this part was outdoors, and it was chilly with a brisk breeze, it may not have been as crowded as it would have been otherwise. I was amazed at the sheer quantity of tolls and other assorted things laid out on tables, in the backs of trucks, and in boxes. I only really had a couple of tools I was specifically looking for, and a hard-set budget of $100. Fortunately, someone had cautioned me to be careful of looking carefully through the chaff to get the deals, but being the noob that I am at this, that’s way easier said than done. I wish I had the foresight to take some pictures of all the old hand planes, saws and other tools, vintage and otherwise, that I saw here. I could have spent a lot more than I did, and I’ll definitely be back next year.

The two primary tools I was looking  for were a spokeshave and some sort of handsaw, hopefully a nice Disston or similar. My daughter on the other hand, started finding things that seemed really out of place here, like a 1970’s era GAF movie camera (a bargain at $2). I browsed through the first 3 or 4 dealers I came to before finding this saw. I knew nothing about it at all, other than the handle looked to be in good shape, the length was about right for me, and the guy said it was just sharpened. On the last point, I will say the saw does look to be freshly sharpened, although how well I have no idea. It seems to be about 8 TPI, which I’m pretty sure means its a rip saw. It was made by Richardson Bros. of Newark, NJ, and the medallion matches the mark on the saw plate. The handle has a small split down at the bottom nut, but is otherwise in very good shape. If anyone knows anything about these saws and how good or bad they are, please let me know.

I finally found a Stanley No. 151 spokeshave which needs a little work, but not bad for $10. I think I have it dated to around 1913-1919 as a type 2. This thing was obviously a user, as the blade that came with it has been sharpened a lot, and there’s barely any metal left between the edge and the slot for the screw. I also picked up an 8″ pair of dividers, a 24″ Stanley wood folding rule, and a random moulding plane. The whole batch of stuff came in at about $50, so I think I did pretty well.

I’ve also been working on cleaning out the basement/shop and have made a lot of progress. Hopefully I’ll be able to start working on a project or two in a couple of weeks or so. The first thing I may try is a keepsake-type box. No more details than that for now, as I’m hoping it’ll be a surprise for the intended recipient.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings, and if haven’t yet, head on over to the Modern Woodworkers Association, of which I am a proud member. Some great stuff going on with these folks.

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7 comments on “A Little Tool Aquisition
  1. blowery says:

    If it’s an 8 PPI saw, it’s likely a xcut, not a rip. A quick glance at the teeth makes me think xcut for sure, as they’re relaxed quite a bit. Rip teeth would be closer to perpendicular to the tooth line.

    nice looking saw! good luck with it.

  2. blowery says:

    If it’s an 8PPI, it’s probably a xcut. From peeking at the teeth, I’d saw definitely a xcut from the rake on the teeth. A ripper would have teeth around 0 degrees rake, those appear to be closer to 15 or 20.

    Great looking saw! Have fun with it.

  3. Erik Gilling says:

    It’s a bit hard to tell from the second picture but it does look to be filed rip cut. A good closeup shot of the teeth would settle it. For what its worth, my rip saw is 5ppi and my crosscut is 8ppi so that’s not a great indication of filing.

    • BeavesBench says:

      Thanks Erik. I’ll try and get a better shot of the teeth to help you guys out. I have to say, I did try a rip cut on a scrap of red oak, and it didn’t do as well as I thought it would, so it may very well be crosscut.

  4. Michael says:

    Very nice!!! would be nice if we have these shops in Newfoundland.

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