Mini-Desk, Mini-Update

The past couple of have been, well, busy to say the least. Most of it has involved getting my son back to college, and trying to motivate an almost 21 year-old to actually plan ahead and not wait until the last minute to get ready is a challenge in and of itself. So now, after a 2 day, 960+ mile road trip to and from Boston, he is now in his dorm ready to get back to classes. By the way, for the beer-lovers out there, there is a great restaurant in nearby Allston, MA called the Sunset Grill & Tap that has an AMAZING beer menu-112 on tap alone. Oh, and great food too. 🙂

So over that time I’ve only had little bits of time in the shop to work on the desk, and most of that has been getting the last 2 pieces of the edging cut and fit into place. It was somewhat challenging given the short lengths, combinations of inside/outside corner cuts and me not wanting to keep setting up and taking down the router table and miter saw whenever adjustments needed to be made. And some of those ‘adjustments’ were having to cut and shape entirely new pieces when I would either cut something too short, or blow out an edge when not paying attention. But then, on a rather wet Labor Day, I finally succeeded in getting all the parts fit and glued up, although the piece at the center of the desk cut out-the one at 45 degrees, did need a little ‘motivation’ from a mallet, which I was happy to provide.

Now that this part is complete except for sanding, I can get started on the base, which is being made from dimensional poplar. There will be a total of five legs, one at each of the 90 degree corners, leaving the cut out section open for me to move in and out as needed. I’m going to see if I can visualize this part through Sketchup, but I have a feeling that I’ll end up using pencil and paper instead. Either way, I’ll get that put up here as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading, and as always, comments are welcome.

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