Till I’m Done

Since last week, what little shop time I’ve had has been focused on getting the plane till done, since I really can’t move forward on the mini-desk until I clear this out. So, in spits and spurts I go into the shop, sand it down, apply a coat of Arm-R-Seal, wait a day and go back and do it all over. Then the weekend came and the humidity went through the roof again, so the drying time also escalated accordingly. The other night finally saw the last coat go down, the next morning I gave it a good rub down with #0000 steel wool. Finally last night I added the screws, which have absolutely no function, but look pretty cool I think. Here’s a small gallery of the finished product, now waiting for me to start building a tool cabinet to go around it. Maybe in the fall/winter. Maybe. After more cleaning, I promise.

Now, back to work on the mini-desk. Another update soon!

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2 comments on “Till I’m Done
  1. Torch02 says:

    Very nice! In certain applications, I really like how finished plywood edging stands out – almost like layered string inlay.

    • BeavesBench says:

      Thanks Steve. Looking back, it might have been cool to try and miter all the joints to have all layers line up, but I actually wanted to finish this instead of dragging it out more.

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