Plane Till, or Deskus Interruptus

Over the weekend I got a chance to get into the shop and continue on my mini-desk, and while doing so was also able to move forward on a plane till that I had started several months ago. Since I need to add some thickness to the desk top to both add backing for the edge banding and have a good place to attach the leg assembly, I needed to cut down some plywood strips. As I was doing this, I remembered that I also need to finish up the plane till I started back in the spring. Since they were both made out of 3/4 inch Sande Ply from HD, it made sense to knock both out at the same time. Here are a couple pics of the desktop as it looks now.

The till that had already been built turned out to be about a half-inch shy of what I needed. That was because Mr. Dummy here only had 3 out of the 4 planes I had planned for the till, not yet having been lucky enough to land a good Stanley #7 on eBay, and for some reason I thought it would be the same width as the #5. It’s not. Sigh. So rather than trying to somehow widen one of the compartments to accommodate the finally acquired #7, I took apart the first attempt, cut the new base to proper width along with new top and bottom strips, and glued the whole shebang back up. Fortunately I was able to reuse the vertical strips that separate the planes, and I also added a space for my new WoodRiver low-angle block plane (if anyone wants me to write a review of that, I’d be happy to do so).

So last night I finally had time to move ahead with the till, so I pulled out my trusty Craftsman pad sander (the only one I have),and sanded it down with 220 grit while easing over the edges. After vacuuming it off, I wiped the whole thing down with a coat of boiled linseed oil and let it sit overnight. This morning I took these pictures to show you where I’m at-I’m very happy with the tone that the BLO brought out. This till will eventually go inside a hanging tool cabinet that I have yet to design, but I really needed a safe place to store the planes in the meantime. I used Dyami’s plane till in his Bastard Tool Cabinet as inspiration for mine, although I don’t have nearly as many planes yet. Here’s what it looks like with the BLO.

I have 2 softball games tonight (well, hopefully 2-we have to win the fist to play in the second, and if we win both, we will win the league championship!), and if I have any energy afterwards, I’ll go ahead and get he first coat of Arm-R-Seal on so I can turn my attention back to the desk.

Thanks as always for reading. Feel free to comment too!

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2 comments on “Plane Till, or Deskus Interruptus
  1. Dyami says:

    Sounds like the plane till is coming out well. I’m glad I could be of help with the design. Thanks for the mention.

    Also, good luck with the games!

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