Shop Tour 2011-AKA The Junk Room

Well, with all the flurry of fellow woodworkers cleaning their shops recently (I swear I think Dyami started it!) I thought I may as well give everybody a look of what my shop looks like now, despite how embarrassed I am of it’s state of clutter. If you remember from my Shop Intro, the space is at the moment, part shop, part storage area. I desperately need to clear a lot of the old stuff out so I’m not constantly tripping over things while trying to move around-the problem as always is where to start? It seems that there is so much stuff that I literally have no place else to move it to, so it’s time to purge! This past weekend was the first step, when I got rid of some old computer equipment that has no value whatsoever and took it to the dump. That pretty much cleaned off one good-sized shelf and gave me a little breathing room to go to the next step. I have a small storage area underneath the foyer, and seeing as its a sunken foyer, that means there’s only maybe 5 feet of headroom there and maybe 50-60 sq feet of floor space. This is actually the most cluttered spot in the house right now, so now that my son is home from college for a couple of months, I’ll be using his ample free time to help me in this endeavor. After all, if you can’t use your kids for a little manual labor, what are they good for?

The main open area is about 12 x 12. These pics were taken this morning from me standing in the main opening at the bottom of the stairs. The west and south walls are pretty much covered with stuff that needs to be either gotten rid of, or store somewhere else. The south wall (where the windows are) is where I would like to eventually put my bench, since it has that natural light thing going on there. Over on the east side is where the little office is. Right now it has my metal workbench and some tool storage, both of which will be moved out into the main area when the time comes. The desk and oak shelves will stay there and will set up as a real office for me.

I am almost too embarrassed to post these pics up here, but maybe this will be the great motivator I need to get my butt moving.

I also recently got hold off an almost unused cubicle desktop section from my office that was about to be trashed from our recent renovation. This little beauty is about 2 x4 feat, heavy-duty laminate top, rubber edging and almost 2 inches thick! I’m planning on building a base for it and turning it into my sharpening station so I can actually use my laundry room’s counter for folding laundry-what a concept!

I’ll be sure to post more progress pics and updates as I go along, so in the meantime thanks for reading!

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One comment on “Shop Tour 2011-AKA The Junk Room
  1. Yup. You need to purge your shop!

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