The update before the update

Hey all. Thought I’d shoot out a quick update about other stuff that’s been going and and keeping me out of my shop. It started off with a lot of traveling- a lot for me at least. First up was a trip to Vegas back in late June for a work-related conference-5 days total plus another day or 2 for jet lag recovery. Then I had to drive up to Boston at the start of July 4th weekend to pick up my son from school. He’d been working the past 6 months in his first co-op job so the same day he finished up work he also has to vacate his dorm room. Total time spent in Boston-5 hours. Made it back to DC on Saturday afternoon after spending the night at my brother’s house and visiting rather quickly with his family. I was lucky enough to get some time on Sunday and Monday to finish up installing new parts on my grill in time for my solo Independence Day cookout-a nice juicy rib eye!

This was followed up by a short work week that was spent catching up with all the things at the office that had piled up. The following week involved some out-of-town guests and the requisite cleaning, and a couple of pre-dawn airport/train station trips. Oh, and in between these was a midnight show for Harry Potter. Not much sleep going on here!

So now were on to this week, which of course started out hot and got hotter. As I write this on Friday the heat index is supposed to be over 110 today, as it is in many parts of the country. Walking outside feels like wading though soup and just saps all of your energy. On top of all that was the basement Gladiator Freezer/Fridge that developed a leak of some sort (overflowing drip tray caused by failing gaskets). That is under control now, but killed my shop time this week. I hope to get started back up tonight!

I have all of the lumber I need to get started on my mini-desk project, but still need to do a little more cleaning to give myself enough room to move around. More on that next time.

Oh and just so you know, I am still playing with the theme of the blog, so if you happen to see it change every once in a while, I’m just trying to find the look I like the best.

Thanks for reading!


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