Stanley No. 5 restoration, Part 1

Back around Halloween of last year, I finally started looking around on eBay for hand planes to start a decent collection. I had up until then, only had 3 hand planes: a WoodRiver #3 (V1 I think), a WoodRiver #4 (V3-much much better) and an old Buck Brothers block plane from Home Depot, which I didn’t know how bad it was until I started paying attention. Fortunately I got very lucky one of my first times out and picked up a Type 18 Stanley No. 5 (dated about 1947) for $10. At first I never really though about trying to do a restoration, I was just happy it was usable. The rear tote was split horizontally (front-to-back) in two places, one had been glued before I got it, the other I had to deal with, and the japanning was in rough shape. Not a whole lot of rust, and the blade, although it looked like someone tried to take a hammer to the top, was actually somewhat sharp! Here’s a few pics I took shortly after getting it.

So, as you can see, it turns out I had my work cut out for me. The more I started taking it apart (and I love taking things apart!), the more I saw that it needed at the very least, a thorough cleaning. I started doing some research online, and found a few good links over on the Fine Woodworking website, starting with this article by David Charlesworth. Then issue 216, the Tools & Workshops issue this past winter, came out, and in it was a great piece by Roland Johnson that was just what I needed to kick start this project. Then I stumbled across a Lumberjocks user here, who spent a lot of time explaining how he got his planes back in shape, including a great way to repaint it. All the pieces finally fell into place, and I was off. Or was I?

To be continued in Part 2

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