For some reason, today I was inspired. I have no idea why, it just happened. I caught the woodworking bug big-time about 18 months ago, and have ended following many, many other woodworkers through podcasts, blogs and Twitter. They have been an inspiration to me in many ways. Even though I have yet to finish one project, they make feel as if I belong to their community. I finally got to the point where I wanted to start sharing my small, pathetic triumphs someplace other than Twitter. So earlier today I tweeted asking advice for what platform to use (i.e. WordPress, Blogger, etc.) and the response I got was overwhelming. People I’ve never met in person offering advice and encouragement from all over the country. So, woodworking-type domain name already in hand, I signed up at WordPress and here I go.

The second bit of inspiration came at the office. We are undergoing some “freshening up” in our office space, getting fresh paint and new carpet throughout. This is forcing all of us to clean up and throw away as each person has to pack up and move out of their space, whether cubicle or office, for about a week as each phase is completed. As I moved my stuff back into my office a few days ago, I ended up with an oddly-shaded area between my desk and the window which is the perfect size to build a small desk “appendage” that will be used for working on staff computers (I head the IT department) without taking up any of my regular deskspace, and still be really convenient to work at. So, that is what I intend to be the first project I will chronicle here. Of course, things could go horribly wrong and it might be several months before it’s actually complete, but I hope this blog helps me stay on track.

As I go through this WordPress thing and figure things out, I’ll be sure to post other annoying things that interest me. But for now, this is actually kinda cool!

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9 comments on “Inspiration
  1. Inspiration is a great state to be in!

  2. Welcome to blogging, looking forward to your projects and posts.
    This little community is unbelievable. There is always some to give advice.

  3. David Harms says:

    looking forward to watching and reading about your progress.

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging. You’ll find it addictive and rewarding!

  5. kedrake says:

    Looking forward to the process. Remember, blogs are better with lots of pictures!

  6. Jeff Branch says:

    Welcome to online publishing. Sometimes I think I do woodworking just so I have something to blog about. I’m adding you to my reader so I can get your updates.


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